Our TIDAS S MSP systems are used for more than 15 years in many different applications. Our customers worldwide trust in that reliable instrumentation. 

Systems for coal analysis are in daily use at well-known companies like Shell, Total, US Steel, ArcelorMittal or Tata Steel, WISCO and ONGC, just to name some of them. You will find these systems also at many universities (like School of Mines or Ji Lin University in China) as well as in other research or governmental institutions (e.g. USA, Indonesia or Philippines).

Many forensic labs in Europe, USA; India, China or Japan rely upon our instrumentation for the analysis of fibers, paint pieces, money or documents in their daily routine work. As an example the forensic labs in all Japanese prefectures have been equipped with our TIDAS S MSP-800 instruments.

Other applications can be found in the analysis of historic art, furniture or paintings (museums or universities) as well as in quality control in the production of displays (computer monitors, tablet PCs or cell phones). Companies like Samsung or HannStar use the system for their daily work. The MSP systems from JM Microsystems are also used in novel research fields like evaluation of nanoparticles and many more.