TIDAS S MSP-400/800/1000



JM Microsystems microscope spectrometers are used for crime detection and crime fighting in forensic labs all over the world. Important analysis functions in the forensic field include the comparison of fibre traces, measurement and characteristic analysis of paint and/or glass particles, as well as the examination and authentication of banknotes and/or important documents. Often coming to the foreground to address such demands is spectroscopy microscope technology; this combination of Diode Array Spectrometers with Optical Microscopes provides an efficient solution. Such instrumentation enables spectral light investigations with extremely small samples.  The measurements can take place in bright field light, fluorescence, and polarization measurement; however the potential and dependence of such measurements rely upon the capability of the microscope equipment.

JM Microsystems GmbH provides complete spectrometer systems for the Forensic field, which can be easily adapted to the microscopes from various manufacturers.  Additionally, the modification and upgrade of already existing MPM- or MPV Systems are possible. The TIDAS S MSP-400, MSP-800, as well as the MSP-1000 spectrometer microscopes covers the wavelength ranges from 220 nm to 2100 nm.

Furthermore the coupling of various light sources (UV Lamps, Lasers, LEDs, scanning monochromators) is available. Efficient and easy-to-use software for control, data acquisition, and analysis, as well as camera systems can be applied, completing our product range.

We your partner when it comes to maintenance, service, and/or inspection of your microscope spectrometers. Our instruments follow certified standards (obtainable from us) and are inspected for wavelength precision and photometric accuracy.

• Spectral analysis of microscopic samples like textile fibresvarnish splinters, glass particles, details on banknotes and documents in transmitted or reflected light, bright field or dark field illumination
• fluorescence and polarisation