• Very sensitive Si- or InGaAs-detectors 
  • Spectrometers available for a wavelength range from app. 220nm to 2100nm 
  • Decoupling device with fiber connection and c-mount Adaptor for camera, completely adjustable measurement spot 
  • LED implemented for illumination of the measurement spot 
  • Software available for Win7/Win8 and Win10 
  • Spectroscopy software offering comprehensive evaluation functions

TIDAS S MSP-400/800/1000

The globally recognized microscope spectrometers TIDAS S MSP-400 and TIDAS S MSP-800 very effectively comply with the stringent demands of performance for microanalysis in diverse applications in Forensic Science, Material Science, Biology and many other fields. The capability to perform fast and highly sensitive measurements has endeared TIDAS S MSP systems to users in both research and industry all over the world. 

  • Forensic science
  • Material science, nanotechnology, semiconductor, displays
  • Life science, biology, chemistry
  • Video Imaging
  • Reflection measurement (bright field, dark field) 
  • Polarization measurement and fluorescence
  • Available in combination with different microscopes

Unbeatable performance in forensics and other applications
Used for various applications in labs all over the world

The microscope spectrometers TIDAS S MSP-400 and TIDAS S MSP-800 are especially designed for the needs of forensic scientists. They cover numerous applications related to transmission, reflectance, or fluorescence of samples, depending on the chosen configuration. Polarization and studies in UV range are optional features depending on the selected configuration of the microscope. 

In collaboration with top police labs, the system hardware was optimized for best sensitivity and most effective ergonomics; similarly, powerful user-friendly software was developed with many convenient and helpful features for efficient use of such high-end systems. This has resulted in TIDAS S MSP-400 and TIDAS S-800 being instrument of choice in many laboratories all over the globe.

Of course the uses of the TIDAS S MSP systems are not limited to forensic applications (fibers, paint and glass, questioned documents). Because of their inherent versatility, high sensitivity and ease-of-use, the TIDAS S MSP-400 and TIDAS S MSP-800 have found numerous applications in diverse fields of studies, for example in material science (including nanotechnology), semiconductor industry (film thickness analysis, contamination study), displays (quality control of LED, OLED or TFT-displays), restoration of historic samples and many more.

Software for system control:

  • Control of the spectrometer and the microscope
  • Individual configuration of the analysis parameters
  • Color analysis according to CIE, exposition of the chromaticity in CCC-system (complementary chromaticity coordinates)
  • Convenient mathematical functions implemented (derivative calculation, smoothing and much more) 
  • Display of results in various histograms and/or tables
  • Export to different data types possible
  • Calibration standards available

Software for online video imaging:

  • Simultaneous online video imaging possible
  • Storage of video images possible
  • Exposition of the measuring diaphragm on the region of interest