• Highly sensitive photomultiplier detector (PMT) 
  • Build-in interference filter 546nm (other filters on demand) 
  • C-mount connection (other adaptors available) 
  • LED implemented for illumination of the measurement spot 
  • Software available for Win7/Win8 and Win10

Microscope Photometer TIDAS S MSP-200

The microscope photometer TIDAS S MSP-200 is considered to be an essential tool for coal, petrography and geochemistry analysis. Its capability to perform fast and highly sensitive measurements has endeared TIDAS S MSP-200 to geologists all over the world. 

• Petrography and geochemistry
• Coal analysis
• Vitrinite measurement according to ASTM or ISO 7404-5
• Available in combination with different microscopes
• Video imaging
• Reflection measurement (bright field, dark field), polarization measurement and fluorescence measurement according to configuration possible

Worldwide in use for coal analysis
Available in combination with microscopes from different manufacturers 

JM Microsystem`s TIDAS S MSP-200 instrument was designed and developed especially to cater to the needs of the petrography and geochemistry community. The capability to perform fast and highly sensitive measurements in conjunction with the powerful software providing many useful and convenient features have endeared TIDAS S MSP-200 to the geology community in general; it thus found its recognition and place in laboratories all over the globe.

Depending on the chosen configuration of the instrument, measurements of reflection, fluorescence as well as polarization analysis on various samples can be performed. The TIDAS S MSP-200 works in accordance with the DIN/ISO standard in both the data acquisition procedure and the analysis mode. 

Software for system control:

• Control of the photometer and the microscope
• Individual configuration of the measuring parameter
• Displaying the results in various histograms or tables
• Data storing up to 10 channels
• Export in different data types possible
• Available options for calibration standards (diamond, sapphire, YAG, GGG and many more)

Software for online video imaging:

• Simultaneous online video imaging possible
• Storage of video images possible
• Exposition of the measuring diaphragm on the sample point of interest